Culver, going back to last page though, I think Matra has a point on there is a limit as to what the tires can do. Before the advent of downforce you are limited to tires limit. Sticky racing tire have maybe mu of 1.1-1.5 ish. And mu drops as you apply more normal load(but normal force still increases, to a point). F1 tires are the same, but they are designed to operate at normal load thats 4-5 times the mass of the car because of the downforce. Once you start shedding downforce you are limited to tire, and regardless what you can do with advance driveline or fancy suspension you are limited to tire capacity. You can't put more normal load into the tire without significant downforce. For sure the car will be slower, unless they alter the rule to maybe drop car weight as well, and maybe wider tire. Personally I think the car can be slower, but if they become more relevant and "real world" its a plus anyway.