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Thread: Pagani Zonda V Pagani Huayra

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
    The Diablo was agile?!
    Obviously now I know it wasn't agile. Or light. Back then I didn't really know anything about aerodynamics or weight. Lol

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    The Huayra is a brilliant car, and it's faster, and it's got better tech, but the Zonda is more insane, and that's what people want from an Italian supercar. (Also the Zonda is better looking; the Huayra looks overweight by comparison).

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    Zonda models are amazing and very stylish in looks. Zonda is much better and coller than Huayra .

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebrochureman View Post
    So what do you prefer the Pagani Zonda or the Pagani Huayra, I prefer the Zonda. I think Pagani will never make a car with the same impact as the Zonda. Although saying that I really like the Huayra.

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    when i say Zonda i mean the Zonda as a hole. i am not comparing diffrent
    Models like the F or Cinque
    my vote is with Zonda (2000 Zonda C12 S) 7,010 cc (428 cu in) AMG–tuned version of the engine producing 550 PS (400 kW; 540 hp)
    its like a queen

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