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    Whiteballz latest

    hey guys, here is my latest chop. i was going to make it for my spot the difference, but i thought it would look good with a pink/purple paint job... so yea!


    im rather proud of the vents i am exploring with atm, just getting the look right with the shading around the vent, but still trying to find the perfect vent shape!
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    dam i am sure that i have seen this somewhere before, might have been painterr that did it. good chop whiteballz
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    it was a shop off between painter and someone else... (possibly challenger?)

    not sure... anyway... i wanted to make ute, but F**ked it up royal!!
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    gone, unless my rep dont come back!
    nice, im experimenting with vents rightnow too
    have fun with all my attached pictures guys!

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