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Thread: Short school Survey

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    Short school Survey

    Hello all British UCP members.

    First of, I would like to apologies for posting a non-car related thread. But hope you will help a fellow UCP member

    As part of my education, my study group and I have been given a task to introduce (or expand knowledge of) a danish product in Britain.
    We will visit Cambridge in April, to do an onsite survey, but before we travel, we are doing an online Survey, which I hope you will help us, by taking a few minutes to reply:

    EDIT: - Survey Closed -

    It will also be a huge help if you would share the link with all British friends and contacts (ex. through Facebook).

    Thank you for your time
    - Mathias Brix
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    I think it you would get response if you post in the right forum !

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    I got the response I needed, when I posted it 7 months ago.
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