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Thread: Lamborghini LM003 Borneo Zagato 1997

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    Lamborghini LM003 Borneo Zagato 1997

    LM003 Borneo or Galileo

    During the ownership of Automobili Lamborghini SpA by the Indonesian group, a study was made to put the gargantuan LM002 off road Lamborghini back into production.

    It was known that the LM002 had his flaws but it still was a steady low volume seller, therefore a United Kingdom based company was contacted to design a successor to the LM002, but later this job was handed over to SZ Design, a company based on the remains of the Zagato Design Studio.
    This was to become the LM003, named Borneo or Galileo, depending on what market it was offered on, the LM003 model was actually a confusing name, because an LM003 did already exist in the past, it was in fact an LM002 with a Turbocharged Diesel engine installed into it instead of the massive V12, but because the complete car was very underpowered with this engine configuration only one prototype was ever made and never left the factory.

    In dept market research study revealed only a small interest would exist in the new LM003. Most Lamborghini customers or future customers were not exactly waiting for a new off road vehicle from Sant'Agata, a much more wanted car would have been an Espada successor like the L149 project or a new Diablo successor.

    Therefore the Borneo/Galileo never even made it into a prototype, this drawing and a few others made by Zagato exist (all low quality), together with some technical proposals were about all that ever came from this try out although an actual full scale mock up was created of the LM003.
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