On the eve of this weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans, BMW finally took the wraps of the second generation 8-Series. At the market debut, in November of 2018, the big coupe will be available with a 530 hp V8 and all-wheel drive in the M850i xDrive trim. A diesel version will also be available, which boasts a formidable 320 hp.
Aston Martin Racing also used the busy Le Mans week to reveal further details of the upcoming GT3 version of the Vantage and a first glimpse of the virtually standard GT4 racer. Due to be homologated on March 1st, 2019, the Vantage GT3'sfinal specification is subject to the GT3 class' balance of performance. In its first configuration it is combines a a 1,245 kg weight with an engine good for 535 bhp.
To highlight the company's 70th anniversary celebrations, Porsche revealed this 911 Speedster Concept. Effectively a 911 GT3 with the roof chopped and the windshield lowered, the new Speedster promises to be a formidable machine. Although shown in Concept form, the new Speedster should hit limited production in 2019.

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