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Thread: Dodge Coronet (2nd gen) 1953-1954

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    The Coronet is an automobile that was marketed by Dodge as a full-size car in the 1950s, initially the division's highest trim line but, starting in 1955, the lowest trim line. From the 1965 to 1975 model years the name was on intermediate-sized models. A coronet is a small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring.

    Second generation
    For 1953, the Coronet was totally redesigned. It gained an optional 241 cu in (3.9 L) "Red Ram"[8] Hemi Engine and set over 100 land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.[9] The windshield finally became one-piece. Electric windshield wipers were standard, while the radio cost $83.

    The Dodge Royal line was added above the Coronet in 1954. Dodge was putting more luxury into all of its models which included the Meadowbrook, Coronet and new Royal lines. Still, styling changes for 1954 were modest. The chrome molding on the hood lip was wider than on the 1953 models and a large chrome upright in the center of the grille replaced the five vertical dividers used previously. It still came with full instrumentation. 1954 saw Chrysler's first fully automatic transmission, two-speed PowerFlite, offered as an extra-cost option on all Dodges.

    Dodge Coronet history:
    Dodge Coronet (1st gen) 1949-1952
    Dodge Coronet (2nd gen) 1953-1954
    Dodge Coronet (3rd gen) 1955-1956
    Dodge Coronet (4th gen) 1957-1959
    Dodge Coronet (5th gen) 1965-1970
    Dodge Coronet (6th gen) 1971-1974
    Dodge Coronet (7th gen) 1975-1976

    Source: Wikipedia
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