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To enhance your Ultimatecarpage.com browsing experience we are proud to present our Premium Subscription Packages. As a premium subscriber you will benifit from a number of exclusive features that will make your Ultimatecarpage.com visits more enjoyable and insightful. Subscribing is completely voluntarily and features previously available for free, will remain so. All the benifits are listed below and are illustrated by a new number of screenshots on the right.

No Advertisements
Premium Subscribers can browse Ultimatecarpage.com completely ad-free; all banners, pop-unders, skyscrapers, rectangles and text links are removed. Not only does this offer non-intruded browsing, it also brings load times of the pages down to a bare minimum, making Ultimatecarpage.com one of the fastest sites of its kind.

Printer friendly version (PDF)
Our Premium Subscribers can download printer friendly PDF versions of our articles. These will enable you to save and/or print your favourite articles, so you can read the in depth articles without having to look at the computer screen. The brochure style files are fully interactive, so you can still enlarge the thumbnails after you have downloaded them.

Mass save images
Are you tired of going through car or event features to save every image invidually? As a premium member you can save all images with just one click of the mouse nicely packaged in a zip-file. Just don't come complaining to us when your hard drive fills up too quickly!

POTD Archive
As a Premium Subscriber you will no longer need to visit Ultimatecarpage.com daily to catch every Photo Of The Day. Apart from that day's POTD you will exclusively be able to check out the previous four days' photos as well.

Exclusive Wallpapers
Access to our wallpaper section is restricted to Premium Subscribers only. From the Ultimatecarpage.com photographic archive we have picked the best shots and turned them into desktop wallpapers in the sizes 1600x1200 pixels, 1280x1024 pixels and 1024x768 pixels. These 175+ wallpapers can be found nowhere else, are completely exclusive and are frequently updated.

Additional Forums Features
Premium subscribers have exclusive access to the premium forums, where you can discuss site and forum matters with your fellow subscribers and the site administrators. You will also be able to store up to 500 Personal Messages, create a custom user rank, use larger avatars and have a 'Supporting Member' logo displayed next to all your forum messages.

Support Ultimatecarpage.com
As a Subscriber you directly support Ultimatecarpage.com and contribute to making Ultimatecarpage.com a better place. Your support will enable us to design more features, and cover many more events with our in depth and well illustrated articles.

Let's talk money
Through to June 1st, we have lowered our price for the one year Premium Subscription from $29,95 to $17.50. All payments will be carried through by PayPal, a global leader in online payment solutions. PayPal accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including VISA or MasterCard credit cards and paying with a regular bank account is also possible. As soon as your payment is received by PayPal your account will instantly be upgraded with all extra features included in the premium package. Other payment methods are available upon e-mail request.
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