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  9ff GT9-CS      

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Country of origin:Germany
Produced in:2011
Introduced at:2011 Essen Motor Show
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:November 28, 2011
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Click here to download printer friendly versionOriginally received in 2007 as the umpteenth high speed special, the 9ff GT9 has since proven to have quite a few more tricks up its sleeve. Conceived as the German Porsche tuner's 'halo' model only 20 examples are set to be produced. And as it is available with different engine, interior and exterior packages, no two examples will be exactly alike. So the original 9ff GT9 launched at the 2007 Essen Motor Show was just the first chapter of what could be a very interesting book.

Like all of 9ff's products, the GT9 is based around Porsche mechanicals. However only the front section of the 'donor' 997 GT3 RS has been carried over. This to ensure that the car will be fully road legal without having to submit a GT9 to a crash test. From the passenger compartment back everything is new with a bespoke tubular subframe. This houses the very powerful mid-mounted flat six engine and also supports the suspension.

In its original guise the GT9 was fitted with a four litre twin-Turbo engine that produced a breathtaking 987 bhp. It turns out that this was the second of three engine 'stages' available. The first uses the standard 997 GT3 displacement of 3.6 litre while the most potent Stage 3 sees the power of the 4 litre jump to a neck-snapping 1120 bhp. Taming all this power requires a very delicate right foot and 9ff advise inexperienced clients to start with the Stage 1 engine. Once the 750 bhp have been mastered 9ff can gradually increase the power.

Also entirely unique is the carbon fibre body that is tightly draped over the chassis. To fit in the range of 9ff products, the GT9 design does incorporate various Porsche cues. Perhaps the most striking feature of the GT9 was the apparent lack of a rear end. This was done to get a clean airflow out of the engine bay, which further cuts drag. Additionally an even slipperier body was developed. Dubbed the Aerospeed, it featured low-drag wheels and a relocated exhaust system with side pipes.

In April of 2008 company founder Jan Fatthofer invited several members of the media to his small factory to witness the second chapter in the GT9 book. In their attendance, Fatthofer drove the GT9 to the high speed track. With no further preparation he took to the track and reached a top speed of 409 km/h, which was a world record for a road legal car and just 1 km/h short of their original claim. Before returning to the factory Fatthofer visited the local McDonald's for a burger in the world's fastest road car.

Exactly a year after the GT9 was launched, another exciting chapter was added to the book. At the 2008 Essen Show the wraps were taken off the 'GT9-R.' This combined the Stage 3 engine with a high downforce body. Developed for customers that want to take their GT9 track, it also sports shorter gear ratios. This helps the car accelerate from 0 to 300 km/h in under 16 seconds. Interestingly all the additional bodywork can be remove with relative ease to turn the GT9-R back into a 400+ km/h machine. 9ff believe that with the Stage 3 engine speeds of close to 420 km/h are possible.

While the first 'production' cars were delivered, 9ff developed a track oriented version dubbed the GT9-CS. Built specifically for a customer, the third version of the GT9 was launched at the 2011 Essen Motor Show. Equipped with the 750 hp 'Stage 1' engine it features is an FIA-approved roll-cage. Although the car was built to special order, 'replicas' can be ordered for a modest 375,000 EUR.

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  Article Image gallery (14) Specifications