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  Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Nart Spyder

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:1967 - 1968
Numbers built:10
Designed by:Pininfarina
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:September 26, 2014
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 Additional information about the 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder  
As the original owner of Ferrari #10691, I wish to correct some misinformation in this and other articles about the original ten NART Spyders. A common question is why were only 10 cars produced, when Chinetti had placed an order for 25? This article suggests that this model had a premium "of nearly 50% over the latest Ferrari 365 GTS". Other articles have concluded that there simply was not enough demand for this incredible roadster. For example, see the excellent feature article on the 10 NART Spyders by Michael Lynch in Issue #97 of Cavallino. As to price, all Ferrari models were listed by Chinetti at $14,400 in 1967. There was no premium placed on the NART Spyder. The usual haggling over cars would knock something off of list.

At the New York Automobile Show in April, 1967, Chinetti was displaying the fly yellow NART Spyder #09751, the second car in the series. One of the salesmen, Ivo Brillo, noticed my interest in looking at the car and asked simply "What color do you want?" I answered "Blue". Ivo said "Give me your car [a 1966 275GTS, #8001] and $3,900." We shook hands and I placed the order immediately. It wasn't until January, 1968 that my car arrived, number 7 in the series. I waited (impatiently) almost seven months for delivery! Scaglietti's production was painstakingly slow. Only two more came into this country after mine, all of them sold as 1967 models, and the tenth went to Spain. This suggests that there was no demand for this model, but that is a false conclusion. Any new car sold in this country after January 1, 1968 had to meet the brand new Federal emissions standards. Ferrari was not going to get that certification for the aging 275 GTB, so Chinetti cancelled the rest of the planned run of 25.

As to demand, in the fall of 1967 before my car was ready, Chinetti was trying to get me to give up my sales contract at a substantial profit! Obviously, I declined. In summary, slow production and U.S. emissions control laws conspired to limit the production of this roadster, named by Road and Track in April, 1967 as "The most satisfying sports car in the world." I owned this car for 18 years, thoroughly enjoying all 41,000 miles of spirited driving. I agreed to sell it in 1986 because it was becoming a museum piece, a car too valuable to enjoy (and risk) on the road. My only regret is that I have never found another roadster as beautiful and satisfying as this one.

  Article Image gallery (82) Chassis (5) Specifications User Comments (1) Video (1)