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  Ford RS200

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Country of origin:Great Britain
Produced in:1985
Numbers built:200
Designed by:Ghia
Successor:Ford RS200 Evo
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:January 17, 2019
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 About 0-100 kmh  
Mr. Martin Schanke made his RS200 go 0-200kmh in 4.0 secs but on soft racetires off course.
clearly the rs200 is a fab car in its days and its still a fab car now....a 4x4 it is and which the driver can manualy control the speed of the rear and front wheels...in the time of the rs200 it were typical for a rally car to have 37% of power coming from the front wheels but with the rs200 it is mearly 50% of the power were coming from the front and 50% coming from the back wheels....the rs200 had gotten itself band from rally'ing because it was to fast....even though it were purposely built for acceleration it were still probably the fastest rally car of its days.....
 this is the end  
My favourite rally car of the group B. It came too late but it's the only group B car that is fast strong AND beautiful. I like it very much and envy every driver or owner about this car and the experience to drive it.
 I want one  
Rally Boy
This is the first Ever car I remember seeing on the 1986 Fram welsh Rally (3Years old) and I have wanted one ever since. The car was being driven at the time by the Legendary Stig Blomqvist. The sound from what I remember was totally awesome compared to modern WRC cars, although David Llewellyn and Jimmy Mcraes 6r4s sounded even better. So does anybody out there have one that I can look at.
 The RS200 is Awesome  
Yes the RS200 is an awesome machine. I have driven several and am in the process of buying an Evolution model. The RS200 was the first 4wd car Ford produced. I think they did a great job. The cars are scary fast. I have driven just about everything out there, but this is my favorite. I have to love a car that's so fast you can feel your face move when you accelerate. I am in the process of getting an Evolution can for road use here in the USA. I can't wait to get it and scare all the guys who think they have fast cars. The RS200 is incapable of going 200mph. The cars were designed for acceleration not top speed and therefore have better down force design instead of streamlined design. You can see more information at http://www.preromanbritain.com/gwem/martbean/rs200/history.htm. Bo
 RWD? You nutter.  
This is a rally car, so like the last user said, it is 4WD. This car is nuts. You can change the gearing so it has mental acceleration, and 112mph top speed, and less impressive acceleration and 200 mph+ top speed.
Sorry people, but your information is wrong. The Ford RS200 was 4WD. It had a variable central differental, which allowed the driver to change how much power goes to the front or rear wheels. But it was still 4WD.
 hands up the prat who finks it were built by renault  
it was not built by renault u fool, but by reliant engineering in tamworth, the designer was not filipo whoever, he did the bodywork not the car itself, which wazs designed by tony southgate, and yes the evo version was driven 2 60mph in 2.1 seconds, the fastest ever 4 a normal engined car of any origin i believe. the evo version could reach 110 mph with max acceleration gears, or 206 mph (theoretical, never actually attained) with max speed gears.
 A poppy that didn't get the chance to grow tall  
Tragic driver and spectator deaths put a premature end to the Group B rally cars, so it was unfortunate that the Ford was not given the opportunity to fully develop the evolution version of the RS200 which, I believe, would've given the Peugeots and Lancias a big hurry-up in the WRC. I'm glad though that the RS200 still earned great success in Rallycross after Group B was abolished.
"The RS200 bodyshell manufacture and assembly of the 200 cars was carried out by Reliant; check this link http://www.reliant-motors.co.uk/profile.htm I lived in Tamworth between 1983 and 1989, and the line of unsold RS200s parked outside the plant became a familiar sight."""
 RS 200  
"Gentlemen, The chassis was designed by former Formula One designer Tony Southgate. Fellow ex-Formula One engineer John Wheeler helped develop the car from the early days right through to the awesome Evo incarnation. The car was constructed using a steel platform with a monocoque centre section bonded and riveted onto it. Three tubular steel subframes bolted onto the platform forming a chassis which was maintenance friendly in anticipation of quick fixes and changes needed on the rally stages that the car would be subjected to. The Ford RS 200 was NOT built by Reliant. It was built by Renault. And the Designer's name is Filippo Sapino of the Ghia design studios. Additionally, the EVO Flavor has 650bhp, not ""up to 600""bhp Stig Blomquist said to have reached 60 in only 2.1 seconds in a rally prepared Evo, not 3.6 seconds. """
 "RS200 ""The Finest"""""  
"Builed a rally car that will win.How much do we have, We don't care just builed it, Then from Boreham ""BOOM"" The RS200 650bhp of The best low down,dirty stinking and sexiest rally car ford has ever produced. Mechanical genius.Bring back those days,there is no focus in the focus! """
This champion car was one of the large reasons group B was banned. So much power so little car. This is Fords best rally car ever. (The Focus is trying to live up in WRC but they aren't gonna beat the Puegot's (Silver Bullet))
This must be the most stunning Ford ever. The looks are only diminished by its performance and of course the noise of one at the redline!!

  Article Image gallery (35) SFACXXBJ2CGL00133 Specifications User Comments (14)