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Country of origin:United States
Produced from:1970 - 1971
Numbers built:6
Introduced at:1970 Geneva Motor Show
Designed by:Dick Teague
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:January 06, 2017
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 AMC Off Subject  
I was really impressed with AMC after we bought a used Matador. We bought it so that we did not show up to rent a house in our beater, but much loved Datsun 1200. The Matador fit the bill as it was in pristine shape. It really impressed me. Plenty of power w/only the 360 engine. I was amazed by how good the suspension was blasting down those Texas Hill Country roads. Those cars were real sleepers. The Government and military used them a lot.
I think the AMX/3 and the Pantera would have been a great battle. Very cool
 To the FriscoKid  
This is Steve, Margaret's son. Email me at stevenglassburn@att.net and we can share pictures. I am guessing you are Doug or one of Jim's sons.
All 6 are accounted for if you go to right forum which this site did not like him advertising on his site. My step father and mom owned the orange #4 AMX/3.
Steve Glassburn
 Charlotte Motor Speedway  
Does anybody have any information about the current location of one of these AMX/3's? I would love to be in contact with someone about these incredibly rare vehicles. Thank you!
 didn't drive it :(  
Alas, my Dad, Jack and Margaret's son, stored the car in our garage when they visited. I recall at the young age of 11ish that Jack did not let my Father whom he highly trusted drive the car so doubt anyone else did let alone Steve's son who was one year my senior! We do all dream though! I don't see a link to post pics or would be happy to.

I do have tons of pictures of my dorky self back then looking stupid pretending to drive....not a pretty sight! I was more fascinated with the Model A or T or whatever Jack had, more intellectually stimulating.
My mother and step-father were Jack and Margaret Cohen. I have several pictures of the red AMX/3 and yes, I did get to drive it as did my son.
Both Jack and Margaret have passed on but the car still lives.
Steve Glassburn
 Rare occurance  
The AMX III is still my ultimate dream car. I have had the privilege of seeing three different ones. My greatest privilege happened in 1977, when I had TWO AMX III's as my "pace cars" as we cruised around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with my old '70 AMX in "pole position" The event was the Hoosier Swap Meet. That will be a very treasured memory, for me. I have some low quality pictures, (Taken with a Kodak Instamatic)
Ihave personally driven the RED
AMX/3 and have picture from
the car show in Kenosha
where Jack and MarGarite
Cohen brought the car.
MR and MRS cohen were friends of
ours have lost touch with them.
When I first posted here some months ago I had just purchased the only fiberglass AMX/3 ever made. I had been told by the seller it was German, but I now know that in fact it was made in Detroit at the American Motors Design Center, before the 6 Italian cars. It is the original pushmobile that was at the 1970 Chicago Auto Show. www.amx390.com
 German Prototype AMX/3 found in fiberglass, made by Karmann  
I recently aquired a 1 of 1 German built engineering prototype AMX/3 that was in an old man's garage for 30 years and he did not know what it was! He thought is was an Italian AMX/3, which still would have been 1 of 6. For the complete story visit my website
Tom Dulaney
P.S. I will be making firberglass reproduction body panels from this car before it's restoration, since this car has never been reproduced before.
 From the home of the Gremlin? Amazing!  
Dan Flynn
Saying "what could've been" is painfully obvious here. It's fascinating to think AMC, of all companies, actually building such a product. Whether it would've eventually saved AMC is open to debate. It could've been the next Studebaker Avanti: a sports car unsuccesfully trying to prop up a company with uncompetitive "mainstream" models. Still, the AMX/3 is a fasinating machine. A mid-engine Corvette fighter from the same people who gave us the Gremlin and Pacer is a heck of a concept!
 What Could Have Been!  
This car is so sexy, if only this car came to be. I never thought I would see the likes of something like this from AMC. They picked a good choice on partnering with Bizzarrini.

  Article Image gallery (37) Chassis (2) Specifications User Comments (13)