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  Porsche Panamera Turbo

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Country of origin:Germany
Produced from:2009 - 2013
Introduced at:2009 Shanghai Motor Show
Internal name:970
Successor:Porsche Panamera 4S
Source:Company press release
Last updated:November 24, 2008
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 MUCH Better in Person  
I finally saw this car in person and sat in one at Pebble Beach (08-2009) and it looks MUCH better in the flesh. The Proportions are excellent and after walking around it I realizes that it's a Carrera GT from the front and a modernized 928 from the back, an excellent combination. While not as attractive as a Maserati QP, it's still a very attractive car. Also, only the new Rolls-Royces have better interior build quality, simply beautiful inside.
 Front End is the Real problem  
Yeah, I think PORSCHE have lost an opportunity here as commmented on by others but my big beef is not so much the rear end but the front.
I think the decision to give it the same family PORSCHE look is one big mistake as this car deserves its very own identity.
Why lock it to the 911 when it is a very different type of car?
I guess I am saying the design is too safe and predictable. It does not move or excite me but leaves me thinking if only it was more dynamic and original to reflect its fundamental break from PORSCHE tradition.
Its as if PORSCHE is hedging its bets on its new direction and is not confident about the car or willing to embrace it fully. As a result the design is ponderous and handicapped waitng for a far bolder pen and vision.
 The Most terrible Looking Porsche!!!!!!  
i think porsche have to come out of a better design!! This 4 door idea they got here is very preposterous!!!! Extremely UGLY & Unsightly!! The worse 4dr car i've seen so far Coming from the porsche engineers of Stuttgart.. Til date The Lamborghini Estoque (Reventon Styled) has been a phenomenon..[WATCH TOPGEAR SERIES12 Episode4, commented by Jeremy Clarkkson] The Aston Martin Rapide too is stunning.. Then there is news of a 4dr KOENIGGSEGG with 700BHP!!!!! However The Porsche Panamera is a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!
 It's not ugly - It's FUGLY  
Are you kidding me - The Wiggles wouldn't be seen dead in it. What's with the hatchback? My mother-in-law has a better looking rear end! Porsche's designer is the laziest bastard on this world. Hasn't designed anything inspiring for over fifty years and finally he does - and he gives us this castatrophe. My advice Porsche - shave your off beards, take off your socks and sandals, lose the white coats and go and live in Italy for a while. When Porsche is over stocked with this - hope they don't unload them all in Poland!!!!
 Porsche going wrong or right?  
Guys I don't know how you all feel about this car station wagon doohickey. I want no part in it. Porsche really needed to bring a body that would come between a M5 and a CLS55 - which Panamera kinda does. Why is there a hatchback door? What was porsche thinking? They need to scratch the back out with an eraser and let the benz and BMW guys work it. LOVE the front and side, no issues there. Power is great (supposedly). Finally a V8, and it's a good idea. But if they release 9 months from now with that arse - they got another thing coming.
 Nice but doesn't make me want to run out and sell my ho  
Canam fan
I like the Panamera but honestly if it had round taillights its about how I would expect a 4 door corvette to look and sound. It is not drop dead gorgeous but the design is not to offensive either. Certainly better than the 928 was.

  Article Image gallery (9) Specifications User Comments (6)