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  Ferrari LaFerrari      

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:2013 - 2016
Introduced at:2013 Geneva Motor Show
Internal name:F150
Engine type:KERS Hybrid
Source:Company press release
Last updated:March 05, 2013
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 Poor choice of name but nice  
I just hate the name. Sounds like a name for an opera. Like 'La Bohema'.

Styling is nice. The side view is beautiful, the back view looks aggressive the straight on view at close to gound level looks nice but there is one view that makes it look a little ugly. That is the front 3/4 view at a 45 degress angle. I think it is those vents on the hood and that pointy nose.

I suppose Pinninfarina were not involved so who knows.

I might change my mind if I ever see one in the flesh.
 The name LaFerrari  
On 1st encounter, I did't like the name. 10 seconds later, I knew it was right....LaFerrari will be on the tongues of pre-pubescent girls before long, and they wouldn't know a 250 GTO from a DKW!!!
It rolls off the tongue, no, positively skips and twitters.
OK, it's a bit weird, but I don't think very many guys gave NFL linebacker Dick Butkis crap for his name.
The statistics of the vehicle will more than squash the feminine La, and El-Ferrari would be overweeningly too macho.
Ferrari always broke naming conventions with out explanation, so LaFerrari follows Enzo, not the F series.
 Oooooola,la LaFerrari  
C-4 guy
At last the long awaited replacement for the Enzo. Fantastico!You can see the F1 styling influence on the front end. I'm stoked, and just glad it's finally here. What a coincidence that Lamborghini unveiled a new concept at this time. It just keeps getting better and better. I may have to trade in the old C4.
 OMG! What Was FERRARI Thinking With This Name?....  
I love the style of this amazing car but why did they not name it the F60 or F70?

  Article Image gallery (158) Chassis (7) Specifications User Comments (4)