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  • lamborghini murcielago

    2 11.11%
  • lamborghini gallardo spyder

    2 11.11%
  • ferrari f50 spyder

    5 27.78%
  • ferrari enzo

    9 50.00%
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Thread: lamorghini murcielago vs. lamborghini gallordo spyder vs. ferrari f50 spyder vs. enzo

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    lamorghini murcielago vs. lamborghini gallordo spyder vs. ferrari f50 spyder vs. enzo

    lamborghini murcielago vs. lamorghini gallardo spyder vs. ferrari f50 spyder vs. ferrari enzo
    saleen S7

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    As I see you're new here so I won't blame you for posting another pointless comparison that has been done errr... a hundred thousand times! You can search the forums to see lots and lots of comparisons like this already done.

    Welcome to UCP by the way!

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    How can a Gallardo even compete here?
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    it has to have Nawz
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    The Enzo for me. With NAWZ OMG.

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    9 posts... and 5 of them is threads...
    Isn't it impossible for utter newbies to make threads??
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    Don't forget the 'VINNYLLZZZ!!11!!1!'. It gives an extra 20 hp.

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    F50, old school, fast loud sexy as hell. and a spyder! besides its more exotic then an enzo and well the lambo's are too cliche
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    This comparo is completely unfair.

    1. The F50 was replaced by the Enzo ages ago, so while the F50, IMO is better looking, the Enzo on the whole is probably better (but I'll never know for sure, having never driven either of them)
    2. The Enzo is out of production.
    3. The Murcielago is the Lambo range-topper - meant to rival Zonda etc, while Gallardo is more the "entry level" Lambo - to rival the Ferrari F430.
    4. Any particular reason for having the Gallardo and F50 as Spyders, with the Enzo and Murcielago as hardtops?

    So both Ferraris in this comparo are out of production, and the Murcielago is the flagship of the Lambo range, while the Gallardo is cheaper/slower etc. And its a Spyder, so not as rigid. So the Murcielago wins, in my book.

    Please make your threads/comparos more specific in future.

    BTW, coolieman1220, ur on 666 posts
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