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    Australian Drivers

    To give people around the world a feeling for australian raceing i decided to put up some statistics,pics and even a bit of history if i can mange it....also this giveme an excuse to look up as many asi can get and last but not least to relive a monstorous ammount of boredom....also take note it will include some NZ drivers....just so they dont feel left out
    Fell free to add anything you will...but rember if you add some statts if something i notice is missing i WILL edit your thread! likewiseif i miss something then pelase feel free to tell me
    well anways here is a long running series and in no order what so ever....
    Late edition I was attemtping to start with allan grice but no decent picture could be found of him...or any of his cars for thatmodels...i might have to fire up the scanner and start on this later....
    Cheers anyways

    Ps motorsport you wouldent happen to have any pics of allan grice?

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    Sir Allen Maxwell Grice OBE
    Born Maitland NSW October 21 1942
    Allan Grice has allways been a charictor of australian motorsport...his goal has always been dop whati think is right...which didnt always win him fans and was well rekown forgoing off at peopleor makeing rude gestures....but that said he wasa natrural tallent behind the wheel who could drive the wheels of nearly anything and make it go faster then nearly anybody else...The problem with this came he was also reknown for being very hard on cars....
    He has enjoyed a very long carrer in motorsport whichall started in a MG TC at Warrick Farm....he is alsoone of the few australians to compete in the World touring car championship of the late 80s...and despite his limited backing and crew of about 4 often outshone the factory australian Holden team (which in general had less backing then a euro privateer team)
    He is now currently in semi retierment enjoying his order of the british empier and has had a few endurance races in the ATCC hislast being in 02 where his
    car borkw down on lap 5...While in semi retierment he still does some raceing...he races in the Ford Performance Vehicals BRUTE and made a goodeffort at the bathurst 24 houir race...where helead the race for nearly 200 laps and in a simple mistake crashed out....he also fills his time Going for a seat in parliament
    Achievements in his career (non ATCC)
    1st 78,79 Australian Sports Sedan Championship
    1st 84 Australian Gt championship
    1st in 84 alpha series
    1st 91 Bathurst 12 hour race mazda rx7
    ATCC Achiements
    2nd 1995 Bathurst 1000
    2nd 1995 Sandown 500
    5th 1992 Bathurst 1000
    7th 1994 Bathurst 1000
    1st 1986, 1990 (with win percy in a VL) Bathurst 1000
    4th in 83 ATCC series
    4th Bathurst 79 (A9X torana with Afredo Costanzo)
    2nd Bathurst 78 (A9X Holden Torana with John Leffler)
    The pictures (in no oerder) show Gricy on the podium after his 90 bathurst win with win percy...
    allan Grices Candidate photo for his polatics campagin....
    His Chickadee VK and his HRT VL commadore (both bathurst winning cars)
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    Jim Richards

    Born: September 2, 1947. Otahuhu, New Zealand.

    After early success in New Zealand in rallying and sports sedan racing, Jim Richards immigrated to Australia, where he has gone on to become one of the most successful drivers in Australian motorsport history. His early exploits in Australia saw him finish 3rd in the 1974 Bathurst 1000 with fellow kiwi Rod Coppins. Throughout the 1975 and 1976 seasons he drove the famous Sidchrome Ford Mustang to successive Australian Sports Sedan titles.
    In 1978 his talent was recognised and was given a drive in the Australian endurance races with the Holden Dealer Team. He won his first Bathurst 1000 at the age of 31 in 1978 sharing an HDT Holden Torana A9X with Peter Brock.
    He raced with HDT for the following 3 seasons, picking up two more Bathurst titles. In 1982 he was offered a full time drive with Frank Gardner's JPS BMW team in a BMW 635CSi (incidently, as Allan Grice's replacement...). Richards stayed with the Frank Gardner BMW squad until 1988, picking up 2 Australian Touring Car Championships for the team. In 1988 Jim Richards stayed with BMW when it moved to the Mobil Brock team. Though the 1988 season was unsuccessful for both Brock and Richards, Richards distinguished himself by constantly outqualifying and out racing his team boss - Australian legend Peter Brock.
    BMW withdrew from Australian motorsport at the end of 1988 and Jim Richards moved to Fred Gibson's Nissan team, striking up a successful alliance which saw Richards win two Australian Touring Car titles and two more Bathursts at the wheel of Nissan Skylines (to all those Skyline lovers out there - Richards is a guy who you should worship - the most successful of the non-Japanese Skyline pilots...).
    In 1993, Australian abandoned Group A racing for a home grown V8 rules(which came to be known as V8 Supercar). Richards stayed with the Gibson team, this time driving a Holden Commodore VP. A second place followed in the 1993 Bathurst 1000.
    At the end of 1994, Richards left full time V8 racing, going on instead to drive in the Australian Super Touring and GTP champioships. He drove for the factory Volvo team in the 1997 to 1999 Australian Super Touring Car Championship, achieving his 6th Bathurst victory at the wheel of a Volvo in the 1998 Bathurst 1000.
    Richards didn't leave V8s entirely, driving with the Gibson team in 1995, Garry Rogers Valvoline team from 1996-98 (achieving a second in 97 and third in 98), the CAT Ford team with John Bowe in 1999-2000, Tickford Ford Racing in 2001 and Holden Racing Team in 2002-2003 (winning his seventh Bathurst victory in 2002 with Mark Skaife).
    Along the way he has won no less than 7 Targa Tasmania tarmac rallies, 2 Australian GTP championships and 3 Nations Cup championships - all in various types of Porsche 911s. Outside of the V8 Supercar championship, in recent years Jim Richards has become synonymous with the Porsche marque in Australian motorsport.
    His most recent success was as winner of the 2003 Porsche Cup Championship.
    Richards continues to drive in 2004 at the age of 56 in the Porsche Cup championship and is regularly racing door handle to door handle with the much younger Alex Davison, a talented young driver who many think is destined for great things in V8 Supercar in future years. Though no longer young, Richards can still clearly cut it with Australia's best.
    In the 2003 Bathurst 1000 Richards was the fastest of the 4 HRT team drivers, qualifying an impressive 3rd.

    One notable thing about Richards recent career is that he has shared the Bathurst podium with his son Steven on several occasions. In 1997 they shared 2nd place.
    In the 1998 Bathurst 1000 Supertouring race, Jim Richards won, while Steven was second.
    A couple of weeks later in the 1998 Bathurst 1000 V8 race, Steven Richards won while Richards was third.
    And in 2002, Jim Richards won again, with Steven once again second.
    So, one two occasions father and son have finished first and second, with father beating son.
    In 2004, they will team up. Jim Richards giving up a potential co-driver spot with Mark Skaife in order to try to win the Great Race with his son and create history as the first father-son combo to win Bathurst. Richards signed with Perkins on the proviso that he could partner Steven. 2004 may yet see Jim Richards make further Australian motorsport history.

    So there you have it. A driver who is liked and admired by Holden fans (4 victories at Bathurst in Holdens), Nissan fans, Porsche fans and even Ford fans (he drove the Sidcrome Mustang and several Falcons).

    Bathurst - 7 wins (1978, 79, 80, 91, 92, 98 & 02).
    1978 & 79 Holden Torana A9X with Peter Brock
    1980 Holden Commodore VC with Peter Brock
    1991 Nissan Skyline GTR with Mark Skaife
    1992 Nissan Skyline GTR with Mark Skaife
    1998 Volvo S40 with Rickard Rydell
    2002 Holden Commodore VX with Mark Skaife

    1985/87/90/91Australian Touring Car champion;
    1985 JPS BMW 635Csi
    1987 JPS BMW M3
    1990 Nissan Skyline HR31 GTS-R
    1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    2000/01/02 Nations Cup champion – all in Porsche 996 GT3 models;
    1995 & 1996 Australian GTP Champion both in Porsche 993s
    1995/96 AMSCAR champion
    1975/76 Australian Sports Sedan Champion, Sidchrome Ford Mustang.
    seven-time Targa Tasmania winner
    2003 Australian Carrera Cup champion

    Other Results:
    1974 Bathurst 1000 3rd, Holden Torana L34 with Rod Coppins.
    1985 Bathurst 1000 4th, BMW 635Csi with Tony Longhurst
    1987 Bathurst 1000 4th (1st in class) BMW M3 with Tony Longhurst
    1989 Bathurst 1000 3rd Nissan Skyline HR31 with Mark Skaife
    1993 Bathurst 1000 2nd Holden Commodore VP with Mark Skaife
    1997 Bathurst 1000 Supertouring, 4th Volvo 850 with Rickard Rydell
    1997 Bathurst 1000 V8, 2nd, Valvoline Commodore VS with Steven Richards
    1998 Bathurst 1000 V8, 3rd Valvoline Commodore VS with Jason Bargwanna
    2001 Bathurst 1000, 5th Ford Falcon AU with Dean Canto
    2003 Bathurst 1000, 4th Holden Commodore VY with Tony Longhurst

    Note: there were two Bathurst 1000s held in both 1997 & 1998. One event for Super Tourers, one for V8 Supercars. That is how Richards managed to finish both 1st and 3rd at Bathurst in 1998.

    The photos are of Jim Richards' 1978 Bathurst winning Holden Torana and 1998 Bathurst winning Volvo S40, his famous 1975 Sidchrome Ford Mustang and his 2001 Nations Cup winning Porsche.
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    OK, heres a couple of more pics. Jim Richards at Bathurst 2002 and the winning Jim Richards/Mark Skaife HRT Commodore at Bathurst 2002.
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    Allan Grice

    Couple of other results to add for Allan Grice.

    1991 Bathurst 1000 2nd, Holden Commodore VN with Win Percy.

    Also, Grice had a factory drive with Nissan in the 1988 European Touring Car Championship with Win Percy. No podium finishes, but they did finish 5th (from memory) in the 1988 Spa 24 hour race and had other top 10 finishes.

    1986 Spa 24 hour, Holden Commodore VK, partnered with Michel Delcourt and Alex Guyaux to finish 23rd, and shared win in the prestige team's cup for the best placed team with the Mobil Holden Dealer Team
    1987 Spa 24 hour, factory drive in a Schnitzer BMW M3, DNF. Notable in that the well known factory Schnitzer team thought Grice good enough for a one off drive in one of their cars.

    Also, Grice's win in the 1991 Bathurst 12 hour was in a Toyota Supra Turbo (not an RX7 - they won the next three 12 hour events. Nitpicking, I know... ).

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    His first ever race was in a ford anglia in pukekoe in 65...
    The main reason he didnt enjoy much sucsss with ford in the ATCC was uncompetative one of his early ford stitnts wa sin an outdated and udner funded team....but thats raceing isnt it?
    He also swned NZ most popular Imp a super sedan which ltitle could catch at the time...and you should of seen him in the car he looked huge hes not a big man it was the set up....
    He also enjoyed giveing the monaros a hard time in the bathurst 24 hour in a group B car...he was inf front of them on the tiwstys and right up their arse again every corner untill he decided to calm down.....and that was in an unsorted car too...his group A car got stacked by a co driver.....
    And a puk uf jum i had a pic of his nations cup prosche but i didnt believe the site when it said no use outside of this site...i just agot a blank and a pic of his imp...sponsord by the tools i trst
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    Quote Originally Posted by motorsportnerd
    Also, Grice's win in the 1991 Bathurst 12 hour was in a Toyota Supra Turbo (not an RX7 - they won the next three 12 hour events. Nitpicking, I know... ).
    understoof fully i said id do the samething to you and i cant be hypcritical enough not to expect the same back

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    Allan Moffat

    Allan George Moffat
    Born:10 November 1939
    Birthplace:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Education: Canada, South Africa, Australia!
    First Race Car:Triumph TR3 A
    Favourite Race Car:Trans Am Mustang
    Lives:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Previous Occupations:Marketing Cadetship at Volkswagen Australia,oor-to-door Salesman,opher for Team Lotus Cortina Team,rofessional Racing Driver and Commentator
    "The most single-minded white man I've ever met." - Edsel Ford II
    "Three words describe Moffat: dedicated, dedicated and dedicated." - Alan Horsley
    "He is the smoothest driver I've ever seen. He's the easiest on brakes, easiest on tyres, easiest on the power train, easiest on everything." - Al Turner

    Now what can be said about Allan Moffat...well for starters hes Canadain But that aside there are not many names that are as closly linked to ford as His (Dick Johnson would be the only one who ranks higher) And there is hardly a more dedicated driver then him....In hisown eyes Himself as a driver was not a natural tallent. He worked damn hard to become what he views a good driver testing and even looking at photos of corners...prheaps common place now but as Edesl ford Quoted Most Single minded man i have ever met.....
    His First job in raceing was being a gopher for team lotus when he was a young bloke and then manged to get a drive showing good pace and being very easy on the car...he later bought it and took it all over the worldwith mixed results and after a sucseful tour of most parts of the world...He was then later recruited By mercuary as a driver in the trans am series...with little sucsess his best result being at washington 5th after this rather unlucky car lost its fan belt....
    Allan then later moved on to buy a Trans AM boss mustang and proved the car had pace but not reliabitly...and then later moved onto the super falcon which wasplauged with even more problems and later switched backagain....He then recorded some great results only to ahve protests and black flags stop himfromwinning the ATCC titel...But despite how bad the car sounded in my wrap its specs speak for itself 101 wins from 157 starts...Also this was his faveorite car....

    While this was happening moffatalso ran in the series production series which is what has given the GT HO Falcon God like staus in the australian car scene and this man is the biggest contributor to that....Bathurst 500 - October 1970; Allan started from pole. By the half way mark he led easily and the Toranas and Valiants were no challenge, running at least a second a lap slower. Having a secure lead, Allan backed off for the closing stages and brought the Falcon home for a comfortable win. And then came his most memrable lead in 71 Bathurst in the phase III he qualified on pole and shatterd the lap record by more then a second and then with a solo run of this 500 mile race led from flag toflag and had nearly a lap on the entier field and another memrable parts of this race 1st-11th where all ford XY GTHO falcons and they all where the same minus the driver

    In serious steamling im going to miss a fair Bit BTW....

    Allan 77 bathurst win is no doubt his othermost memrable moment a ford 1-2 after holdens domination done well he also shared this bathurst win withJackie Ichx as his co driver...
    After a few more years of raceing and his Capri and his chevy monza super sedan he had a short stint in his ford XD and then came some big news....he was being signed over to mazda with some goos results his most nateable being the 2-3 at bathurst 83 and atcc championship of 84....this is also his most sucsessful endurace vehical

    In 85 Practice saw them qualify 40th out of 76 cars but after just six hours into the race they were already up to 12th. It was an admirable performance given that they were up against some heavyweight opposition that included sports prototypes.

    After 16 hours they were up to an amazing ninth place, but the engine took in a stone and had to be repaired. They managed to get the car going again and finished 24th.

    After mazda didnt renew his contract he was without a drive which saw himsgined UP by the Holden Dealer Team (HDT) which was a mixed didnt seemuch sucsess here in australia and mild sucsess over in the world touring ca chmapionship but proved what a driver him and brock where and recieved many creadable races and in some cases victorys overseas on budgets scarcly even half of the european teams...
    After this season allan moffat moved away from the team after holden had a falling out with Peter Brock and allan moffat raceing bought the car and co raced it in europe with John Hervey...this championship saw them win the first round in Monza and saw them come 4th in the spa 24 hour event...
    In 87 it saw moffat move back to ford to race in the Ford Sierra with andy rouse which they put 2nd on the grid next to Klaus Ludwig’s Eggenberger Sierra which got pole...nomean feat...this also latersaw moffat semi retier from raceing and takeon more of his team owner responsabilitys...
    He then later retierd to become full Teamowner of an EB falcon int he series he helped Create v8 super cars.....
    Rember this is an excedingly streamlined version of his life...and he has also become a full Australian citizen as of this year he never got around to changeing his permanent visa...

    Career Highlights
    1964 Lotus Cortina Victorian Short Circuit Saloon Car Championship
    1966 Lotus Cortina Sports Car Club Of America National Sedan Championship

    1969 Ford Falcon Sandown 250 Winner
    1970 Ford Falcon Sandown 250 Winner
    1974 Ford Falcon Sandown 400 Winner
    1982 Mazda RX-7 Sandown 400 Winner
    1983 Mazda RX-7 Sandown 400 Winner
    1988 Sierra RS500 Sandown 500 Winner

    1973 Ford Falcon Australian Touring Car Champion
    1976 Ford Falcon Australian Touring Car Champion
    1977 Ford Falcon Australian Touring Car Champion
    1983 Mazda RX-7 Australian Touring Car Champion

    1976 Ford Capri Australian Sports Sedan Champion

    1980 Porsche 934 Australian Sports Car Champion

    1983 Mazda RX-7 Australian Endurance Champion
    1984 Mazda RX-7 Australian Endurance Champion

    1970 Ford Falcon Bathurst 500 Winner
    1971 Ford Falcon Bathurst 500 Winner

    1973 Ford Falcon Bathurst 1000 Winner
    1977 Ford Falcon Bathurst 1000 Winner

    1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Sebring Florida 12 Hour Winner

    1978 Queen's Birthday Honours, O.B.E. For Exceptional Services To Motorsport

    1982 Mazda 254 Le Mans 24 Hour, Class Winner, 12th Overall
    1982 Mazda RX-7 Daytona 24 Hour, Class Winner, 6th Overall
    1987 Commodore Spa 24 Hour, Class Winner, 4th Overall

    1986 Commodore NZ: Wellington 500 Winner
    1987 Commodore NZ: Wellington 500 Winner
    1987 Commodore WTCC: Italy, Monza 500 Winner

    1987 Sierra RS500 Bathurst 1000 Pole Position
    1988 Sierra RS500 Bathurst 1000 Pole Position

    1989 Sierra RS500 Bathurst 1000 Runner Up

    1989 Mazda MX5 Macau Grand Prix, Race Of Champions Third

    1989 Sierra RS500 Japan: Fuji 500 Winner
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    Allan Moffat

    More pictures of Allan Moffat's cars - the ANZ Ford Sierra, Peter Stuyvesant Mazda RX7, the Federation Falcon XD.

    Also, worth visiting for more info and pictures.
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    parts wanted

    hi ford fans i was wondering if any one would know where i can get parts for a 1948 ford mercuary sedan side valve 100hp this car is my father inlaws and it is his pride and joy..... but he has blown the diff and gearbox in one burnout that went for about 1.5km on a deserted tassie rd. if anyone has any info on wreckers in austrailia or overseas could you please contact me. so we can get the car back on the road where it should be. and not collecting dust

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