Sadly, it has become a familiar feeling but we should have been packing our bags today for the next great event. On the schedule this weekend would have been the annual Spa Classic. Whereas some events have been postponed to a later date, the Spa Classic has been cancelled for 2020. To illustrate why this is such a shame, we have taken a closer look at three great machines that participated in last year's edition.
Competing in the Endurance Racing Legends series was this Aston Martin DBR9. It is the second customer car built and was entered for just one race in period. Due to an engine issue, it actually did not take the start in its single outing. Still fitted with the massive rear wing it was allowed to run with in Brazil, chassis DBR9/102 is now being raced with great verve by a German enthusiast.
While Lola built 22 T212s for the 1971 season, only the example featured today was raced at Le Mans in period. It was campaigned that year by Guy Edwards with considerable success. Sadly HU26 failed to finish at Le Mans due to a flywheel failure.
The Greatest's Trophy race saw a German enthusiast campaign this Porsche 718 RS 61. It was sold in period to an Austrian racer, who was quite successful with the car in hill-climbs. Between the late 1960s and 2000, it was seen in public only once and accordingly 718-075 has survived in highly original condition.

Enjoy the links:

2006 Aston Martin DBR9 (DBR9/102)

1971 Lola T212 Cosworth (HU26)

1961 Porsche 718 RS 61 Spyder (718-075)