This weekend, we are at Monaco for the biennial Historic Grand Prix. As a small preview to this fabulous event, we have taken a closer look at four cars that have raced and/or will race through the streets of Monaco. One of the most spectacular looking and sounding is undoubtedly the Matra MS120C. Raced by Matra during the 1972 season, it was entrusted in period to Chris Amon. Both surviving MS120Cs will be at Monaco this weekend with the sound of the glorious V12 engine reverberating through the buildings.
Of a slightly earlier vintage is this Maserati 250F. It is an ex-works cars that was campaigned in period by Jean Behra and then appeared in the local racing colours at the 1959 Monaco Grand Prix. In more recent years, chassis 2521 was repainted in these colours and will once again represent Monaco on Sunday.
The 1952 Monaco Grand Prix was run not for single seaters but for sports cars instead. To mark that occasion, there is also an early-1950s sports car on the Historic Grand Prix roster. One of the cars competing in this race is this Jaguar C-Type. It is the very last regular production C-Type and the only one sold new to Ireland. Now in American hands, XKC 050 was raced at Monaco in 2018 and will be out again this weekend.
New for this year is a race for early 1980s, naturally-aspirated Grand Prix cars. That opens the door for a variety of cars including this Williams FW08C, which we captured in the past at Estoril and Zandvoort.

Enjoy the links:

1953 Jaguar C-Type (XKC 050)

1956 Maserati 250F (2521)

1972 Matra MS120C

1983 Williams FW08C Cosworth (FW08-10)