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2014-11-24: Spectacular Porsche 908/02 Spyder in full detail ...
Porsche 908/02 Spyder During the 1960s, Porsche gradually worked towards the Le Mans winning 917 by introducing ever larger engined sports racers. Introduced in the same year as the 917 was announced, the 908/02 Spyder was hugely successful in its own right. It represented a thorough evolution of the 908 launched at Le Mans a season earlier, which had been overweight and unreliable. In 1969 guise, the 908 was altogether more successful as together with the Longtail Coupe version, the very nimble 908/02 Spyder already had the World Championship won before Le Mans. The car scored wins at the Nurburgring and the Targa Florio, and in 1970 also clinched the first non American V8 win in the Can-Am Challenge Cup. Examples of the 908 would continue to race around the world for over a decade.
Today we have taken a detailed look at this very quick Porsche prototype racer. Our 116-shot gallery features eight different examples. Among them is chassis 005, which is fitted with the rarer still Longtail Spyder body and will be offered this weekend at Bonhams' Bond Street Sale. Its pre-sale estimate is a startling GBP 2 - 3 million.

2014-11-21: Chevrolet V8 engined sports racers and LA Auto Show round-up ...
Wolverine LD65 Chevrolet Although General Motors officially upheld the non-racing policy during much of the 1960s, the company certainly had enough talented staff capable of developing potent competition cars, which they often did in their spare time. A great example is the Wolverine Chevrolet Can-Am racer, which was created by chassis engineer Lee Dykstra and stylist George Anderson. Dykstra, in particular, would remain one of the leading names in American motorsport for years to come, achieving fame with the Group 44 Jaguar GTP cars. The unique Wolverine had been developed for accomplished privateer racer Jerry Hansen. He raced in the first ever Can-Am race and it remained in active service for several more seasons in the hands of successive owners.
The Chevrolet V8 engine remained the engine of choice in American motorsport for years to come. One of the most successful applications was in the Chevrolet Greenwood Corvette of the mid-1970s. Thanks to the potent V8s, these wide-body machines could achieve record breaking speeds at tracks like Daytona and Le Mans. A decade later, the March 83G GTP machine still used the OHV small-block engine to great effect. Our updated 35-shot gallery includes images of two different examples including the famous Red Lobster liveried machine.
Jointly at the Guangzhou and Los Angeles Auto Shows, Daimler launched the new Mercedes-Maybach S 600. These new luxury model based on the 'standard' S 600 brings a new level of luxury to the German manufacturer and incorporates the Maybach name into the Mercedes line-up as a sub-brand much the same as has been done with AMG.
Among the other stars on display in LA was this Lexus LF-C2. The luxury 2+2 convertible looks set to enter production as the drop-top version of the recently introduced RC Coupe.

2014-11-19: LA Auto Show: Audi Prologue, Cadillac ATS-V, Bentley Grand Convertible and more ...
Audi Prologue Show Car On the eve of a particularly busy Los Angeles Auto Show even more new cars have been announced. Audi offered a preview of the upcoming A9 luxury coupe with the Prologue Show Car. It is powered by an uprated version of the recently introduced twin turbo V8, which is good for a startling 596 hp.
Hot on the heels of the competition car announced over the weekend, Cadillac have released full details of the highly anticipated ATS-V Coupe and ATS-V Sedan. The range-topping models are powered by a newly developed twin turbo V6, which produces 454 bhp. This power is transferred to the rear wheels through either a six speed manual of eight speed automatic gearbox.
Bentley also offered a glimpse of things to come with the Grand Convertible design study. Based on the top-of-the-range Mulsanne Speed, the car does its bold name more than justice. Wether it will hit production depends on customer demand but Bentley is adamant that it will be a highly exclusive regardless.
The Volkswagen Golf R Variant also due in Los Angeles is a very enticing prospect as it combines the 300 hp engine of the Golf R with the added practicality of the estate body. What is somewhat puzzling is that despite being launched in LA, the car will not be available in the United States.
We have also added some more images to the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 gallery. The latest rumours suggest the car has a Ferrari rivalling 8,200 rpm redline!

2014-11-17: All-new Shelby Mustang GT350 and its legendary inspiration ...
Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 The Ford Motor Company has today revived a legendary name in the form of the Shelby Mustang GT350. True to its name, the new GT350 is not just another trim level as it features a purpose built, flat-plane V8 engine. Using this crankshaft design, usually only found in European exotics like the Ferrari 458, the new 5.2 litre engine is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever made by Ford; it produces in excess of 500 bhp. Instead of the traditional rumble, this American V8 will produce a distinct howl. The Ford engineers have introduced further upgrades throughout the car to ensure the Shelby Mustang GT350 will live to its legendary name.
To place the new GT350 into a historical context, we have also taken a detailed look today at the original Shelby Mustang GT350 R, which was introduced almost fifty years ago. Based on the production fastback Mustang GT, this stripped down racer dominated the SCCA B Production class, winning the national championship in 1965, 1966 and 1967. Our 33-shot gallery features three of the 36 pure competition cars built, including one of the two prototypes and the car that won the 1966 SCCA national championship in the hands of Walt Hane, who was a rocket scientist in between race weekends.
Over the weekend, Cadillac published the first rendering and details of the ATS-V.R. Built to GT3 regulations, it is powered by a twin-turbo V6, which is good for 600 bhp in unrestricted form. It is expected to hit the race track at the start of the new season.
Due in action even earlier is the Dakar Rally bound Peugeot 2008 DKR of which the full livery and technical details have now been revealed.

2014-11-14: Ferrari's 1961 Sebring and Le Mans winning 250 TRI61 ...
Ferrari 250 TRI61 For what was the final season of the three-litre World Sports Car Championship, Ferrari carried through some of the most fundamental changes to the Testa Rossa to create the 1961 250 TRI61. The only remnant of the original Testa Rossa introduced four years earlier was the free-revving V12 engine complete with the red cam covers that gave the car its name. A year earlier, Ferrari had already switched to fully independent suspension and a sophisticated space frame chassis. The work for the 1961 focused on the aerodynamics and were the result of a freshly installed wind tunnel. A longer body with a 'shark nose' air-intake and a tall Kamm tail transformed the Testa Rossa's stability at high speeds. As Ferrari had also developed all-new mid-engined sports racers, the 250 TRI61 was only used at select events. It nevertheless scored outright victories at Sebring (1961 and 1962) and at Le Mans (1961). Only two were built and both are featured in great detail in this lovely 55-shot gallery. They remain perhaps not as the best looking but certainly as the best Testa Rossas overall, and neither has changed hands in the last 30-odd years.
Of a slightly later vintage is the McLaren M3A Oldsmobile, which was developed at the start of the 1966 season specifically for Formula Libre events. The featured example is the sole survivor and was raced with great success by leading female driver Patsy Burt. The car's most prominent appearance, or non-appearance, came during the John Frankenheimer movie Grand Prix, where the third M3A served as a camera car. Coincidentally, the driver for this brave venture was Phil Hill, who had also driven the TRI61 to its famous Le Mans victory.